Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012

I know I've been quiet lately and I'm hoping to break through the craziness of the holidays this week. In honor of New Years, I thought I would do a "Best of" post so that I can look back on my accomplishments. I just started writing this blog and I have so many plans for the future but it's nice to look back on what I've already done. Here are the most popular posts of 2012:
"Durga" the Wool Scarf Pattern
"Janet" the Lace Hat Pattern
Plant Hanger Tutorial
Green Gift Giving Wedding Edition: Personalized Recipe Book

Stay tuned this week, I've got a fun new project in the works!!! Happy New Year

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  1. Love this "Best of" post! All of your work is incredible. All of your hard work and dedication to these projects is such as inspiration to me. It motivates me to work hard at what I love. Thank you so much for sharing, Kelly.
    -Farrin :)


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