Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sustainable Goals for 2013

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I haven't been very talkative lately because it has been a crazy week for me. I'm graduating from college on Saturday, I will work everyday this week, and I just started putting gifts together for the holidays. I'm also missing warmer weather like crazy, so I figured I'd add a photo of my tomato plants from this summer (okay, they weren't really mine. My parents grew them but I helped eat them... that counts as part ownership right?)

Because I'm looking ahead to next year and a change in the weather, I thought it would be fitting to come up with some sustainable goals that I have been thinking about.

1. Be More Pro-Active 
This one sounds sort of vague, but I have some ideas in mind about what this will look like. I lead a fairly sustainable lifestyle (although I'm no expert and I'm far from perfect!), I would like to help others, especially businesses and people make small changes that will benefit the planet. 

2. Showcase Sustainable Tutorials
I make things all the time. Literally, all the time! I want to make more tutorials because it is more my specialty and I want to be able to share my passion with others. I already have some projects lined up, if only the weather would cooperate. 

3. Blog More!
I know most bloggers probably put this one on their goals lists but I have a hard time staying consistent when I am busy. I have been volunteering more and working more lately, which means my free time has gone down. I need to plan ahead and make use out of the time that I have in order to be able to share all of my ideas and projects. 

4. Make More Recipes
I love cooking too, which is probably pretty apparent, but I usually just wing it when it comes to my recipes. I'd like to get better at putting together meals and keeping track of what I do in order to be able to share the yummy recipes I come up with. 

5. Learn How to Photograph Food 
I have a friend that will teach me how to do this so goal #5 is sort of a gimme. I would like to get better at photographing food because it definitely helps me want to cook when the photographs are beautiful. 

6. Create PDFs
I want to learn how to convert documents into PDF files so that they are easily downloadable. I'm toying with the idea of creating hand drawn tutorials and compiling them into a book. I love to draw and I don't do it enough so this could be a really fun project for me! 

Well, I'm sure I could go on all day about things I want to accomplish next year but these are the few goals I've come up with recently. Do you have any goals for next year yet?

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  1. Good luck with your goals. I'm impressed that you tried to make your own lotion!


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