Thursday, October 11, 2012

Urban Chickens

Hi there! How's your Thursday going? Mine has been really fun but cold... (frowny face!). But, these photos of our chickens will surely bring a small smile to your face...

Meet Urusula and Joann
Now, these two silly little girls were already in residence when I moved in but I have loved getting to know them. They almost look like little dinosaurs the way they walk and move around. For the most part, because we live in a suburb, the chickens are penned but we move the pen every few days in order to give them fresh grass to munch on. Those two metal drums in the back are their other source of food, and that dark hole that seems to lead to nowhere is their coop, which keeps them warm at night.
If you have never considered keeping chickens, you definitely should because producing your own food is one of the best ways to be sustainable! These little ladies are too young yet to produce eggs but in about a year or so they will have some glorious, fresh eggs for us to enjoy. Although I didn't help set up this little habitat, there's a nice website here that should help you get started. Chickens are awesome because they are fairly inexpensive to keep, they provide great entertainment if you have kids (or are a kid at heart like me!), they provide eggs that are fresh and organic, and if you move their pen around, they keep the weeds out of your lawn! I think ours are Penedesenca chickens but I am not 100% certain. Don't  you wanna take Joann home with you?

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