Monday, October 1, 2012

Canning Applesauce: Step 1

Hello there! I'm going to tie this introduction post into my applesauce post because I want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible here at Simply Aware. My name is Kelly and I'm very interested in sustainability, hence the title. As part of my daily life I attempt to be more sustainable with everything I do and it's about time I shared some of my projects!
I'm not very good at introductions so I think I'll just let you get to know me as time passes. The first order of business here on Simply Aware is to talk about canning, and whether you are new or experienced at canning, you might find some helpful tips about canning sustainably.
To start canning applesauce, the very first step before you do anything else is to locate yourself some apples! I know, I know, this is pretty obvious but I think it's important to mention that one of the greatest ways I've found to be sustainable is to take advantage of the resources that are around you.
As I was walking home from class last year (I am a college student, graduating in December!), I noticed some bright pinkish red beauties hanging in a tree. That weekend, I made an apple pie and forgot about the apples until this year when they were back in full force.
I picked all day on Saturday, coming back with an amazing haul of apples and some mighty delicious looking applesauce potential. I'll be sharing the rest of my experiment canning applesauce in the next week so get excited!

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