Friday, November 16, 2012

Bicycle Adventures: Part 2

Originally when I planned this blog post, I thought it would be really cold and gray outside, in which case this photo of Phillipa basking in the sunlight might actually perk up your day. I woke up this morning to gray, clouds, last nights rain and.... what is this? Sun breaking through the clouds? What is that? 
Which reminded me of a story I just have to share with you! Last year, I had a roommate who was on exchange from Africa (Hi L-dog!) and she was not accustomed to the weather in Bellingham. She was very ill-prepared with clothing fit for Africa and not for the breathtakingly chilly temperatures that our proximity to Canada would induce. One day, she came home after class, which means about a 20 to 30 minute walk from campus. She immediately crawled into bed as if she were sick and the other girls and I were worried. Later, she told us that coming home from class that day was the coldest she had ever been in her life! 

Now, I've lived in Bellingham for about 5 years now and I'm used to the abrupt change in temperature but I was confused about why she was so cold. The weather wasn't suddenly colder than the day before. The weather wasn't suddenly colder the next day. In general, the weather seemed pretty consistent in  my opinion at a steady jacket inducing freeze. The difference, she said, was that on this particular day, the weather decided to confuse my dear roomie by being sunny. What is the biggest lesson learned on this day? Sunny weather does not equal heat. Period. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share that story after realizing that the confusion strikes again (cold and sunny for those of you not paying attention!). Phillipa and I have been faring pretty well even through the cold because of my new gear... 
1. Mud flap to keep the mud from spraying up my back when I "accidentally" ride through puddles
2. Front and tail lights so that I can ride in the dark
3. A pink bell that a friend gave me to alert those painfully slow walkers that take up the whole sidewalk. Geez, who do they think they are, walking on the sidewalk where they're supposed to be ;)! 

Just a heads up, I have a lot to share with you for next week because this weekend, I'm celebrating Thanksgiving early! Woohoo!

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