Monday, February 18, 2013

Puff Update Week 1

Hi Everyone! I've had a pretty eventful weekend with lots of friends, family, and a little much needed relaxation. I've been working like crazy on these little puffs because they are just the right mix of challenging, fun, quick and interesting. I made a few more than I needed to considering the rules. Here are a couple that I made this weekend...
Another yellow one (I have a lot of this yarn left over from a vest I made recently). 
This one was made by double stranding some embroidery floss in two different colors (somewhat in honor of Valentine's day!)
And finally an anchor fair isle nugget! 

What I've Learned So Far:
1. I will probably have trouble limiting myself to one a day! They are so addicting and satisfying... Stuffed with scrap yarn and made out of little bits and pieces... Can't go wrong with that!!!
2. I have a hard time getting the sizes super proportional, primarily because I am using yarn scraps of various gauges. I'm sure I will get a better idea of how many stitches to cast on once I've made more nuggets but for now I am accepting the fact that they aren't all going to be exactly the same size. 

Happy President's Day Everyone :)

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