Friday, February 15, 2013

365 Hexipuff Challenge


It has been fairly quiet over here at Simply Aware. I've been hibernating and shying away from the darkness outside. Recently though, the weather has perked up a bit and I am feeling more refreshed. I am in spring cleaning mode and I have been wanting to return to the blog for some time... but with what? I grabbed some yarn this morning and went trolling around the internet and found this blanket. I have been wanting to make this blanket for so long that I finally decided that today was the day.

Presenting (drum roll please.....) first hexipuff! And, since I love a good challenge, I thought I would do a 365 project. You know, the kind of project where you make something once a day for a whole year and when you are done, you get to feel so accomplished! I've tried doing this before and it never works out. However, these little hexipuffs are so easy that I can definitely manage doing one a day.

1. I will knit a hexipuff everyday or seven hexipuffs per week (I'm giving myself a little wiggle room in case I miss a day or two).
2. I will post my progress on the hexipuffs once a week so as not to bore myself, my readers, or the internet as a whole
3. I will use only yarn that I already own unless I run out (which will not happen... uhm... I've got a lot of yarn)
4. (optional) I want to attempt to stuff all of my hexipuffs with yarn, scrap fabric, or the fiberfill that I already have before buying new. After all, this is a blog about sustainability right?!
5. I will (try) not to make a habit of knitting ahead of schedule. My goal is to be consistent and make one each day so I would prefer to make extra if I am falling behind but otherwise they will be bonus.

If anyone is interested in joining me, I'm thinking about setting up a Ravelry page so we can keep track of our progress. I'm going to start my count officially on Monday February 18th so that if anyone wants to join me, they can get on board. Have a great weekend everyone!

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